Dingalan, Aurora is a good destination for a weekend trip most especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and experience something new.

Bayan ng Dingalan; Ilokano: Ili ti Dingalan, is a municipality in the province of Aurora, Philippines.

Dingalan has several caves, of which the Lamao Caves are the best known.

These caves are mysterious and inviting, if you are up for the challenge then it is a nice place to explore.

Experience a one-of-a-kind getaway with your loved ones in Dingalan and make the most of your vacation. Boasting a spectacular landscape and plenty of awe-inspiring attractions, you’re sure to appreciate this place dubbed as the Batanes of the East.

In this place we will also discover the Dumagat Trives.

Dumagat — taken from the words “gubat” (forest) and “hubad” (naked) — are nomads, who certainly don’t have permanent house to stay in. They are just one of the major groups of indigenous people living in the Southern Tagalog.

A large crowd of this ethnic tribe can be found in the town of General Nakar, while a few of them can be spotted in three municipalities of Polillo Island.

Primarily, the Dumagats depend on farming, kaingin, paid labor, vending logs and other forest commodities as livelihood. Secondarily, they rely on fishing, hunting animals, gathering crops and other natural bounties for survival. Loan dependence (usury) has reduced many of them to dismal poverty.

But what’s alarming is the increasing cases of brutal killings committed against members of tribal communities. More so, the Dumagats are in a struggle for ancestral domain claim inside the more than 50,000 hectares of landmass in General Nakar.

To sum up, nature has been the source of life for Dumagat Tribe. They should not be deprived of land and life for losing all of these will definitely lose their identity.

We should let the Dumagat Tribe have a peaceful life. They, too, are in need.



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