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When you think of Cebu, you’re often met with images of mouthwatering lechon or the colorful festivities during Sinulog every January. Those are all pretty good reasons to visit the Queen City of the South, but with a little more effort and patience, you’ll find a pleasing little island that’s worth the extra mile.

Once a sleepy town north of Cebu, Bantayan Island has become a refuge for travelers who want to experience the quaint island life—sans the crazy crowds that beaches like Boracay and Zambales often draw every summer. This lovely patch of land is surrounded by pristine, turquoise waters and powdery white-sand beaches lined with coconut trees. The laid-back island is small enough that you can explore most of it within a weekend. In fact, a lot of its beaches are often just a few minutes away from each other so resort-hopping will be a breeze.

Round up your fellow beach buddies and get ready for a weekend filled with sun, sand, and plenty of breathtaking sea.


Commercial airlines have daily flights from Manila or Clark to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. From there, head to North Bus Terminal and take a three-and-a-half hour-long bus ride for 160.00php to Hagnaya Port. If you’re a larger group, you can also take a bigger SUV Taxi or book an entire Van to Hagnaya Port. From Hagnaya Port, take a ferry for 170.00 php to Santa Fe Port.

One thing that you will enjoy when you visit this place “The Silence”

Bantayan island is often called the quiet version of Boracay. Probably one of the best things about Bantayan island is its lack of noise – no loud music from bars, no masseuses and vendors along the shoreline, and barely any kids running around.

The beaches are divided among resorts, which are mostly small and are relatively quieter than the ones in Boracay and other places in the country.

So, savor the peace and quiet while it lasts. Pick a spot on the beach and wait for the sun to rise. Take a barefoot stroll. Look into the horizon and listen to the waves. You will not be able to do any of these in the hustling and bustling city of Manila.

Peak season is from March to May and off-peak season is from June to July.


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